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At Revelations Video and Photo, we believe in the work we do. Our experience has assisted in the preservation of life's greatest moments. From Weddings to Lifestyle portraits, the love and emotion captured by our team continues to live on throughout time for your loved ones to cherish. In addition to your milestone celebrations, we also offer our services to our corporate and small business friends. The work you do and the successes you share with your work family deserve to be honored timelessly; allow us to do the heavy lifting while you enjoy in the moment. 


The greatest love stories have breathtaking mementos to accompany them. Relive the memory of the greatest day ever, over and over again. This is a dedication to life and love together. 


Those moments in life we wish to live twice can now be preserved with incredible detail. From newborns to family portraits and senior sessions to crowning achievements, this is a dedication to milestones.


All work and no play? Never, we love getting to capture success in the work place. This is a dedication to your hard work and the effort your team have continued to demonstrate.  


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Each day is a celebration of life, capture the essence of every thrilling second it has to offer. Our team is ready to help you along the way, contact us below for more details.